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Hamster Roulette

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Original Abstract Painting
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 1100 x 1100 mm / approx. 43 inches
Orientation: Square

Ready to Hang
Signed: Front on each canvas / full details on the back

Playful, Large, Statement Abstract Artwork Hamster Roulette

Hang onto your whiskers, squealed Hamish as the stakes got higher - it’s any hamster’s game!

Step into the playful and dynamic world of "Hamster Roulette," a large, statement abstract artwork. This piece invites viewers to explore a lively interweave of colors and forms, drawing inspiration from key 20th-century art movements.

"Hamster Roulette" captures the essence of a playful adventure with its captivating circular composition of contrasting hues, including deep blues and greens, vibrant magenta, and hints of orange and fluro green, brought together with meticulous line work. The painting’s gestural brushstrokes and vibrant palette echo the energy and spontaneity of Abstract Expressionism, where emotion and movement take center stage. The geometric precision and structured elements within the composition pay homage to Constructivism, blending the chaotic with the ordered in a harmonious balance. The textured brushstrokes and layered colors create a sense of depth and motion, making the piece feel alive.


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Hamster Roulette, capitvating statement artwork NZ for sale from Auckland
Large abstract artwork NZ, Hamter Roulette pictured on a wall
detail of abstract brushwork on Hamster Roulette by Kirsty Black
Detail of magenta and orange lines constrasted with blue
Clouse up of gestural abstract painting for sale in Auckland