I’m very happy to have a no-obligation chat about creating a special artwork in your desired size, shape or colours.

It helps if you have an idea of the style or a particular painting(s) of mine that you like, as well as colours you prefer, as well as the size(s) you are considering.

Commissions, generally take about 3 weeks and I send through progress photos when the painting is close to completion, just to make sure that we are on the same page and you are happy with the piece.

If you would like a custom piece, let’s chat.

Let's Chat

Matchmaker Service

If you are finding it difficult to imagine a painting on your own wall, or are undecided which artwork you prefer, I am very happy to help.

Step 1: send me a photo of your wall (making sure that your photograph is straight on)

Step 2: measure the width of the wall where the artwork would hang. A piece of furniture, such as a couch would also work. This will allow me to accurately scale the artwork on your wall.

Step 3: I will superimpose the painting(s) for you!


We surprised Tanya and she is over the moon. Loves both
pieces to bits! We are also appreciative of how well you have packed the big painting.

James, Singapore

Holy smokes it is here and fab! That was super speedy. Thanks!

Zoe, Greytown, NZ

I’ve just realised I didn’t ever email you to thank you for your fabulous art. It looks fantastic thank you.

Andrea, Wellington, NZ