Selection of paintings by Kirsty Black in NZ art galleries

Gallery Selection

I have a selection of fabulous galleries that represent me and my work.

Thes artworks are available online via their gallery. You are of course welcome to visit in person. They would love to see you and would be happy to help with any purchases or enquiries.

Alternatively, I am more than happy to liaise with the gallery for you. Just let me know.

Please note: Shipping may be applicable for artwork that is with a gallery.

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To view a painting like Nattering Gnat in your home contact Kirsty Black

Matchmaker Service

If you are finding it difficult to imagine a painting on your own wall, or are undecided which artwork you prefer, I am very happy to help.

Step 1: send me a photo of your wall (making sure that your photograph is straight on)

Step 2: measure the width of the wall where the artwork would hang. A piece of furniture, such as a couch would also work. This will allow me to accurately scale the artwork on your wall.

Step 3: I will superimpose the painting(s) for you!

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