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Tail Feather Shake

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Original Painting
 Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 1200 (H) x 900 (W) mm / approx. 47 x 53 inches
Orientation: Vertical

Ready to Hang
Signed: Front and full details on the back

Available from SOUL GALLERY, Hamilton, NZ

Contemporary Painting with a Botanical Feel Tail Feather Shake

Tail Feather Shake is a joyful example of abstract expression, featuring dynamic compositions and fluid, organic shapes that hint at the botanical and boisterousness of birds strutting their stuff and shaking their tail feathers in cheeky avian shenanigans. Dominated by a vibrant color palette, the artwork includes shades of yellow, green, blue, red, and white.

The biomorphic shapes, curved lines, and smooth transitions between colors give his abstract canvas a joyful botanical feel. The background is a soft, light blue, enhancing the vivid colors of the shapes. The painting exudes a sense of movement and flow, with overlapping forms and bold outlines that create a lively and energetic atmosphere.


Tail Feather Shake, contemporary painting on canvas by Kirsty Black Studio
Tail Feather Shake, NZ art for sale by Kirsty Black Studio
Tail Feather Shake, original painting in a dining room by Kirsty Black Studio