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Breck Neck Brenda

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Original Painting
1100 x 1100mm / approx. 43 x 43 inches 
Acrylic on Canvas

Ready to Hang
Signed: Front and full details on the back


Contemporary Expressive Abstract Art Break Neck Brenda

Break Neck Brenda took the world by storm

This expressive gestural painting, titled "Breakneck Brenda" by Kirsty Black, features dynamic, swirling forms that captivate the viewer with their fluidity and energy. Dominated by a vibrant palette of turquoise, yellow, white, and beige, the painting uses bold brushstrokes to create a sense of movement and flow. The sweeping curves and overlapping shapes evoke a lively and energetic atmosphere, making it a striking addition to any contemporary art collection. Ideal for modern interiors, this abstract artwork brings a sense of vitality and dynamism to your space. The soft light background enhances the vivid colors, making the composition pop with contrast and depth. Perfect for art enthusiasts seeking a unique piece that combines abstract expressionism with a touch of modern elegance.

Break Neck Brenda, abstract painting by Kirsty Black
Break Neck Brenda, abstract painting  viewed on a wall by Kirsty Black