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Android Feud

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Original Mixed Media Painting
 Mixed Media (Acrylic & Resin) on Ply Box Board
Size: 600 (H) X 450 (W) mm / approx. 24 x 18 inches
Orientation: Vertical

Ready to Hang
Signed: Front and full details on the back


Unique Gestural Painting Using Acrylic & Resin Android Feud

The android feud was more sci-fi comedy than technological revolution

The mixed media artwork "Android Feud" employs resin and acrylic to create an engaging abstract composition. The painting features a dynamic interplay of bold colors and fluid forms, with a prominent use of yellow, pink, blue, and red. The application of resin adds a glossy, three-dimensional effect, enhancing the vibrancy and depth of the colors. The fluidity of the resin contrasts with the structured lines of acrylic, creating a sense of tension and movement within the piece.

Several art movements are evident in “Android Feud’. The influence of Abstract Expressionism is evident in the spontaneous and energetic application of paint, while the vivid and contrasting colors reflect the Fauvist movement's emphasis on bold, non-naturalistic hues. There are also elements of Post-Painterly Abstraction, characterized by the use of flat, unmodulated areas of color and the emphasis on surface and texture.

The composition features swaths of yellow and pink, intersected by strokes of pale blue and accents of magenta, creating a vibrant, eye-catching effect. The resin overlay adds a sense of fluidity and organic movement, reminiscent of the process art movement, which values the physical act of creating art.

Overall, "Android Feud" is a visually striking piece that combines the expressive qualities of acrylic paint with the smooth, reflective properties of resin. The use of mixed media not only adds complexity and texture to the artwork but also engages the viewer in a tactile, sensory experience, making it a compelling example of contemporary abstract art.

Contemporary, mixed media painting, Android Feud by Kirsty Black Studio
detail of mixed media painting, Android Feud by Kirsty Black
Mixed media painting, Android Feud on a wall by Kirsty Black Studio
Android Feud, mixed media & resin on ply box board, contemporary abstract painting by Kirsty Black Studio
detail of mixed media painting, Android Feud by Kirsty Black
detail of mixed media painting, Android Feud by Kirsty Black