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Hippo Water Chute

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Original Modular Painting
Materials: Acrylic on Ply
Size: 590 dia.
Orientation: Round / 3 segments bevelled ply mounted on lightweight backing board

Ready to Hang
Signed: Front and full details on the back

Dynamic and Energetic Abstract Painting Hippo Water Chute

At the Hippo Water Chute, hippos jostled boisterously, each trying to outdo the other in their daily belly flop competition!

Hippo Water Chute blends the vibrancy of modern aesthetics with echoes of 20th-century art movements. Painted in acrylic on three shaped bevelled segments of ply, mounted on a lightweight backing board for easy display.

Featuring a bold, sweeping blue brushstroke offset against a bright yellow and white background, with hints of green and orange. The composition, divided into 3 interlocking segments, forms a cohesive circular design, symbolizing unity and continuity.

The painting pays homage to the pioneers of abstraction, drawing inspiration from the fluid dynamism of Futurism, the bold geometries of Constructivism, and the vibrant color fields of Abstract Expressionism. The interplay of colors and shapes creates a sense of movement and energy, inviting the viewer to explore the depths and nuances of the artwork.


SHIPPING (This NZ abstract artwork ships for Auckland, New Zealand)

New Zealand FREE
Australia $75
International $125


If you would prefer to pay directly please contact me for my bank account details

If you would like to view this painting on your wall please let me know.

Every monitor displays colour differently. If you need more details or photos, please email before making a purchase.

Modular abstract painting for sale, blue brushstoke against yellow & white background
Hippo Water Chute abstract artwork in a kitchen on ply by Auckland artist Kirsty Black
Close up detail of gestural blue brush stroke painted on ply
detail of original artwork nz on ply by Kirsty Black